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Why ISRO is best and better than NASA?

When we talk about technology, space, companies, we think about national agencies like NASA, ESA, and Roscosmos. We also talk about private companies like Space X and Rocket Lab. One entity we’ve refrained to talk about is ISRO, The Indian Space Research Organization. Today where does ISRO really fit in? And what makes it so special? First of all, […]

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Why humans will be immortal by 2050?

Would you like to live forever? Though it may sound straight out of a science fiction movie, futurists believe technology could help make this possible. In fact, death might become a thing of the past as early as 2050. A combination of genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, and brain interfaces could give birth […]

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Why English language is a giant mess?

Why English is a difficult language? Take a look… We park our cars on a driveway but we drive cars on a Parkway. When you transport something by car it’s called a shipment but when you transport something by ship it’s called cargo. Piano players are called pianists but race car drivers aren’t called racists. […]

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