About Me

Hi there! I’m Rohit Bondar. A science student graduated from The Fergusson College Pune.

I’m a curious guy just like you, a bookie who loves to read and write. A primate trying to do the least amount of damage and experience the most happiness on this rock until I’m recycled back into the universe.

And this is my website.

I Started this website All Why Book at the start of 2021.  It was my new year’s resolution. And have been providing quality content to the public ever since.

So, the motive behind starting this educational blog or say the website is to answer all the WHY questions that emerge from time to time in daily life while watching any favorite show on  TV, or doing daily work, or just lying on the bed thinking about life. My goal is to cover all the topics people are curious about with at least 5 questions a week.

Here is a suggestion from me :

Read everything, listen to everything, but believe nothing
until you’ve researched it yourself.