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Why a high IQ doesn't mean you're smart.

Does your IQ really matter? Here is Why a high IQ doesn’t mean you’re smart!

You are sitting in front of your computer or with a smartphone in your hand mindlessly scrolling down your Facebook news feed. You’ve been feeling a bit insecure since losing your job or getting dumped by your girlfriend or boyfriend or just having a bad day, so it’s your good fortune on this particular dark […]

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Why people are bad in investment? 25 Financial mistakes.

I am NOT going to tell you how to make money but I am going to tell you how to ensure not to lose money over the years. I have identified some mistakes in investment that destroy the financial life. No financial plan People don’t know why they need to save money because they don’t have any […]

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Why people die early? Top 10 reasons of earlier death.

An average of 150,000 people dies every day. And one of the brutally unfair realities of life is that where you are born can dramatically change how and at what age you will die. But why do we need to know the reasons people die? WHO says it is important to know why people die […]

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Why do men rape? What is mentality of rapists?

In 1976, a Ph.D. student named Samuel Smithyman published a rather unusual advertisement in the newspapers of Los Angeles. He was searching for a person who committed the rape for his research. He waited for his phone to ring, all the while skeptical that anyone would actually call. But around 200 people called him! Among […]

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Time to drink water

Why our body needs water and how much does it needs?

Water is obviously a crucial component of our bodies. In fact, it makes up the majority of our bodies, our blood, and our organs, all of that need water to function. So yes we absolutely do need water. But the myths that have been propagating for years about how much water we have to consume […]

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Why people get Depressed? Science behind depression

Issues like mental health and depression coming into the public limelight as many tragic incidents are happening. Probably, the people are realizing now how important these issues are, yet not talked about. I feel that it’s important to spread awareness about these issues and to make the public aware. There are a lot of myths, […]

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Overpopulation in India

Why overpopulation is very big issue for India?

Overpopulation! India’s Population is now a whopping 1.38 Billion. Predictions show next year in 2022 India will overtake China to become the world’s most populous country. That’s just a year from now. Earlier predictions cited the year 2028 for this to happen. But India’s population is growing so rapidly, that it will reach that mark […]

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Why my ears are ringing? And what is tinnitus?

Arriving home after a long day, you settle in for a quiet evening alone. But instead of the sound of silence, you hear a constant ringing—even though nothing is making any noise. Then you go to Google and search. Why my ears are ringing? And here is the answer to the question that is irritating […]

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Why do we kiss?

The attachment of two people’s lips is kissing. The average person will spend about 20,160 minutes of his or her life kissing. And the world record for the longest, continuous kiss is 58 hours 35 minutes, and 58 seconds. But why do we kiss? I mean, if you think about it, it seems kind of […]

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Why do you need to brush your teeth every day?

What’s your daily routine? Getting up with an alarm, brushing your teeth with that sleepy face, and spending some quality time in the toilet, shower, and then remaining work of the day. But ever wondered… Why do you need to brush your teeth every day? This is how much plaque grows on your teeth after […]

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