Why countries don’t print unlimited money? What is inflation?

Have you ever wondered why countries can’t just print more money to off their debts… or feed the homeless or fix unemployment, or any other issue for that matter? Now, this may seem like a rather silly question, but I think it may be one of those questions people might be a bit too embarrassed […]

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Indian Media

Why Indian media is so bad nowadays?

Indian media is not something we can be proud of. The kind of media we see today has been in the construction for years moreover, Indian media has reached a point where has literally become toxic for citizens. It is brainwashing citizens and has turned the entire country into an army of zombies who are […]

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Why Bitcoin is so popular? and how does it work?

 Can you imagine a thing- the value of which was zero around ten years back and in January 2021 its value touched almost 25 lakhs Rupees! I’m talking about Bitcoin that had recently touched its all-time high price point due to which it is being talked about in the market and the media again. So, […]

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