Why do you need to brush your teeth every day?

What’s your daily routine? Getting up with an alarm, brushing your teeth with that sleepy face, and spending some quality time in the toilet, shower, and then remaining work of the day. But ever wondered…

Why do you need to brush your teeth every day?

This is how much plaque grows on your teeth after not brushing them for a single day. Now, this is just one day of not brushing your teeth.

Plaque on teethPlaque is a sticky film made up of bacteria, leftover food particles, and saliva. It helps other types of bacteria adhere to your teeth, meaning it only helps your mouth get dirtier and dirtier. So we know plaque can grow pretty quickly on your teeth in just one day, but what would happen if you stopped brushing your teeth, for the rest of your life?

But what would happen if you decided to stop brushing forever?

Before we get to that, what lives inside your mouth on an average day? Over 6 million bacteria, from 700 different species, live inside your mouth. Not all of those are bad for you; in fact, a lot of them promote good health. But some bacteria living in your mouth are harmful to you. That’s why you brush your teeth since it helps get rid of that harmful bacteria.

And now, you’ve suddenly decided to stop brushing. In a week, you’ll start to notice some serious bad breath. People will stay a little bit further away from you when you try to talk to them. But bad breath would be the last thing on your mind. After just a week of not brushing your teeth, the plaque in your mouth would begin to harden and form tartar. This is like a really hard plaque that discolors your teeth, and at this point, only a dentist would be able to get rid of it. And on top of all that, your enamel would begin to be damaged as bacteria continued to multiply in your mouth. Now that’s one week of not brushing.

Let’s fast forward to one month in this crazy experiment. So, here’s some good news. If you normally spend an average of 4 minutes a day brushing your teeth, at this point, you’ve saved two whole hours! That’s enough to watch a movie. And then we have some bad news, which is, everything else. After not brushing your teeth for a month, you’d start to get cavities. These holes in your teeth would continue to get deeper and deeper and they’d eventually fill with pus. As time goes by, the cavities in your teeth would get worse and worse. You’d also start to develop gingivitis which would inflame the gums around your teeth. Now good luck trying to eat anything because at this point, your gums would be incredibly sensitive.

 This would continue for about a year. And after that, not brushing your teeth would lead to periodontitis. This is when the inner layer of your gums starts to pull away from your teeth and form pockets that would collect food and bacteria. With all these extra bacteria in your mouth, your immune system would start to destroy your gums. And after your gums start to go away, you’d lose your teeth as they decayed and fell out of your mouth. And now that you don’t have any teeth, you could start to have health issues outside of your mouth.

 A study in California found that people who didn’t brush their teeth daily had a 20 – 65% greater chance of getting dementia than those who brushed multiple times a day. And for all the guys out there who decide to stop brushing your teeth? Well, that could lead to erectile dysfunction. In a 2012 study, it was found that 53% of the patients with erectile dysfunction also had severe periodontitis. So not brushing your teeth for ever would not only affect your mouth but also other parts of your body as well.

My advice…  Just brush your teeth. It only takes a couple of minutes a day, and you’ll be a healthier person for it. It’s obvious that not brushing your teeth would be pretty awful for your body.

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