Why our body needs water and how much does it needs?

Water is obviously a crucial component of our bodies. In fact, it makes up the majority of our bodies, our blood, and our organs, all of that need water to function. So yes we absolutely do need water. But the myths that have been propagating for years about how much water we have to consume may be slightly inaccurate.

What are our body’s capacity and need?

At first glance, it seems that you should be able to drink this life-giving liquid 24 hours a day because your kidneys are capable of handling it. They can process between roughly 20 to 28 liters per day. This is an incredible amount they can process, especially given their small size. Each kidney measures only about 11.5 to 12 cm in length. But here’s the catch. Yes, over the course of an hour, your kidneys are able to process around 1 liter of water.

Drinking eight glasses of water a day is commonly heard wellness wisdom nowadays. But it’s also becoming trendier to measure your hydration with things like apps that remind you to stay hydrated and water bottles that track your progress. It’s good when people take initiative and put a focused effort to make sure that they’re well-hydrated but when you cross that line and it becomes something that causes anxiety in your mind that could actually do more harm than good. So it’s recommended to stay alert about your hydration status. But don’t become anxious.

Now imagine you’re at home and you want to learn more about how much water you should be drinking. One of the first steps you may take is to visit Google and see what you find online. What happens when you Google how much water should I drink? You’ll get more than 701 million results. People have all sorts of questions when it comes to water. Let’s field some of them.

How much water should I drink based on my height and weight?

The first thing we shouldn’t be making calculations based on weight. the only time it is done in a hospital setting when doctors trying to calculate maintenance fluids for a patient, otherwise, your kidneys do a great job of managing that and you should really drink based on what your body requires. Think about what your urine looks like and then make some educated decisions from there. I think this question stems from the fact that people are calculating their BMIs and then deciding whether or not they should be drinking more water because of that. Height never plays a role here. If you are heavier you probably will need to take in more water but height doesn’t fall into this calculation.

Should I drink a gallon of water a day?

Do not measure the amount of water you’re drinking by ounces. You should figure out what your body needs based on how you feel, what your mind tells you, and when you look down in that toilet and see your color of urine but more on that later. a gallon of water daily is not that much water. So that would be pretty reasonable it obviously depends on who you are as a person, the activity level of the things you’re doing.

The institute of medicine actually recommends that women get 2.7 liters of water per day which’s 11 cups. But here’s the thing, they don’t say you need to drink 11 cups of water a day. It’s very often that folks underestimate how much water and hydration they’re consuming because they don’t realize, in foods and fruit there’s actually a significant amount of water content. So exactly how much water you need to drink per day depends on several factors like your age, sex, your diet, activity level, and your lifestyle.

The most important thing we need to think about when we’re deciding our hydration status is our activity level. if you’re exercising in a very hot environment, you’re going to need significantly more water to make up for the losses that you’re experiencing is in a heated environment.

How can you tell if you’re hydrated enough?

Well if you’re thirsty your body’s telling you that you need more water. Another good clue is the color of your urine. Your kidneys are actually the organs that are responsible for controlling the color of the urine. One of the waste products your body creates is called urea and your kidneys release urea throughout the day. Now when you’re well-hydrated your urine looks clear or maybe pale yellow. But when you’re dehydrated and your kidneys are actively trying to hold onto as much fluid as possible, and it’s going to look a quite dark yellow.

Now if your urine has suddenly changed colors and you’ve tried being more hydrated, and it’s not going back to normal, perhaps that’s a good reason for you to go see your doctor. If you need specific medical advice my recommendation is to always go and speak with your doctor first if you’re interested in trying out some of the techs that will help you stay well hydrated. However, you should know that humans have survived thousands of years without any kind of tech because our bodies have natural thirst mechanisms that get activated indicating that we should have water now.

You being properly hydrated can definitely affect your mood your energy levels and your skin’s moisture but it’s not going to be a magic bullet by that we mean that you can’t just chug a bunch of water one day and expect immediate results. Just keep in mind that you want to stay hydrated as a baseline way of staying well and if you’re experiencing things like hunger or headaches that are caused by dehydration having more water can certainly help with that

How can you tell if I’m dehydrated?

Or I’m drinking eight glasses of water a day, is that enough for my body to avoid dehydration?

There’s usually an answer to that but it’s not by the number of glasses, it’s by something else…Pee.

What’s most important for people is to figure out if they’re dehydrated. Dangers of dehydration are wide and they vary from person to person. Someone may experience confusion, someone might have a decreased appetite, someone might have decreased metabolism, and you’re staying hydrated not only for your mental sake but also for your physical sake. It’s truly an important factor in your health.

Drinking a good amount of water is often said to be the answer to everything. If you drink more will you be more energized, less hungry, have clearer skin, have better bowel movements, but how much do you really need to drink? Is eight glasses a day really the goal for everyone? People always say that they’re supposed to be drinking six or eight cups a day. Many times we find them to be either over hydrated or under-hydrated, depending on their body type and their activities that they’re performing.

How much water is good at a time?

As mentioned earlier, over the course of an hour, your kidneys are able to process around 1 liter of water. But if you consumed more, bad things can happen, really awful things can happen. You can end up paying for it pretty badly.

Have you ever thought that ordinary fresh drinking water could kill you? Let’s get through some watery science facts.

Excessive water consumption triggers a chain of dangerous events that could cost you your life…First, the H2O level in your blood increases dramatically. It leads to a decrease in the level of sodium – a vitally important chemical element. The fact is sodium helps maintain the fluid balance between the inside and outside of cells. When its level drops, excess fluid fills the empty spaces inside your cells, which then begin to swell. And it then causes swelling throughout your whole body. And if your brain cells swell – the probability of your death increases dramatically…But don’t kick back, relax, and think this can only happen in theory.

Among athletes and soldiers, water intoxication is a fairly common phenomenon. There’s even a recent case where a 30-year-old runner died during a marathon due to heavy water drinking. So, yes, a few extra glasses of water really could literally kill almost anyone…

Do I have to drink more water if I’m pregnant?

You should be drinking more than regular need when you’re pregnant as that’s a physically demanding state for your body. Anytime you’re doing anything where it increases your physical demand you’re going to need more water intake.

Is Coconut water more hydrating than regular water?

There are substances that are more hydrating than water because hydration requires water and electrolytes. And coconut has a lot of electrolytes in it. 

There’s been this theory going around that once you’re thirsty that’s a sign you should have a sip.

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