Why people are concerned about 5G?

Well, it seems like some wild conspiracy theories are being spread around concerning the newest generation of wireless technology. I suppose, you guys had a lot of time to think while stuck at home. And apparently, even more, time to read and watch lots of YouTube videos about the potential danger that the towers may or may not cause. It makes sense while the world is rapidly changing it would be helpful to have a scapegoat of some kind for plenty of negative things. But is there any substance behind these claims? Hello, friends and philosophers now we will discuss: Why people are concerned about 5G and should we be afraid of 5G networks?

there are plenty of different categories of worry out there and I am trying to address as many as possible. I don’t claim to be an expert on any of these topics. I would encourage you all to do your own research as well to deepen your understanding of the subject.

 Let’s get going and know what 5G is exactly? 5G doesn’t stand for anything other than the fifth generation. This is the fifth update to the mobile network that has been powering phones and similar devices for decades.

So, 1G was analog audio, 2G was digital audio, and 3G was the introduction of wireless data. 4G brought us mobile broadband and 5G is the latest iteration as the new global wireless standard. It’s meant to connect all sorts of new things and improve upon the connectivity between the Internets of things to ensure that it all works the way people are hoping it.

Does 5G introduce lower latency?

More reliability, higher bandwidth, and increased efficiency, all require new hardware. Which has led to the installation of new towers all over the place. It’s possible that you first heard of this happening because people were attacking these towers by enabling new and faster connections between the Internets of things. 5G developers hope that it’ll be helpful for running things like self-driving cars and smart city technology. It’s very fast which allows things on the network to communicate in almost real-time.

To get this fast 5G communicates on a higher frequency and requires more towers to be installed. This can be expensive but also allows for more users to more reliably take advantage of the network. So far it’s begun a slow rollout seeing deployment in a few countries most notably South Korea, the US, and China. However, as I mentioned earlier it all needs new infrastructure to run so it’s taking a while to install new towers and update older ones with new equipment. It will be a while before we see 5G operating at full capacity but slowly more people are gaining access to it.

 As its deployment increases, concern among people will likely rise. This isn’t a new phenomenon on health, and safety concerns have always increased around the time of new wireless generations.

There are reasons and legitimate studies that raised concerns about 5G networks and their impact on the health of humans and other organisms. However, none show conclusive evidence that there are negative effects. Again it’s still early in the text lifespan and it’s probably a good idea for people to do additional high-quality research and get substantial answers. We don’t have the answers for everything yet, but it’s good to know the questions. 

Link with Covid19

First I want to address is one that’s been getting plenty of news coverage over the past little while the connection between 5G networks and covid19. I will be as clear as possible there is no scientific evidence of a link between 5G & coronavirus. So many people have been making baseless claims like that 5G networks outright caused Covid19 and related symptoms.

Do you know how the virus works? The only way for you to contract the virus is to come in contact with another organism with that virus. (Either it is through direct touch or swallowing or inhaling something with the virus). You cannot get a virus from radio waves.

 Others have been saying that 5G networks are weakening immune systems. And making it more likely that a person gets infected. This is also untrue. The radiofrequency or RF waves are given off by cell phones do not have enough energy to damage DNA or affect the body. And other such ways these arguments are being lent credence by a correlation between two factors:

5G networks and infrastructure began to become more widely used and built around the same time that coronavirus originally broke out. People started to notice that place is being hit hardest by Covid 19 were also places that had recently had 5G technology installed. This is a common logical fallacy and is often used to correlate unrelated things. Correlation does not equal causation. The virus breaking out around the same time as 5G becoming more prevalent was just unfortunate timing.

The idea that large metropolitan areas with 5G were more vulnerable to Covid19 has more to do with the fact that densely populated zones basically virus breeding grounds. At this point at least 184 countries have reported cases of the virus. While only a select few have any 5G infrastructure installed upgrades.

5G Radio waves cause Cancer?

Wireless technology has been falsely linked to diseases before and this isn’t likely the last time we’ll see it happen. Many of the conspiracy theories linking 5G to Covid come from groups that have made arguments like this in the past like claiming wireless airwaves caused cancer. Theories drawing lines between cancer and wireless have been around for a while so it would make sense that a more powerful network be put under similar scrutiny.

However, the International Commission for non-ionizing radiation protection has declared 5G completely safe. This, of course, is as long as the new guidelines they drove or followed. But that should be the case 5G has been in development for a long time now. And took this commission seven years to complete their guidelines. In addition to these tests from the UK communications, the regulator found that EMF emissions from 5G are at a fraction of the highest safe level. In fact, cell phones have energy levels lower than microwaves and TVs.

5G is actually worse at penetrating objects than 4G which is why smaller cell sites are being built close together. Again 5G is still early in its lifespan and more extensive studies do need to be done. As of right now, there is nothing substantial indicating that 5G is physically harmful to humans.

There are concerns beyond the physical. Some claims are being made that 5G may interrupt other wireless technology. A major concern right now involves the accuracy of the weather report. 5G antennas transmit signals near the frequency that NASA and NOAA used together for water vapor data. This could reduce the accuracy of weather reporting and long-term forecasting.


The last big 5G concern has to do with security. While 5G should be more secure than 4G networks there are some backdoor measures put in place by manufacturers and suppliers that should be exploited. Officials in the US are trying to make a case for them and their allies to ban Chinese telecom company, Kwame, from supplying infrastructure for 5G networks. Going forward security advisors say that supply chain concerns have to be taken seriously.

US officials claimed that China, especially Huawei could have access to these. If they’re behind the manufacturing of parts and devices. China refuses these claims saying that only certified personnel from network operators will be able to access such information.

So keep your eyes peeled for new developments. Now that we’ve taken a look at a bunch of different areas of interest. Let’s return to our original question should we be afraid of 5G networks? and the answer is it depends in terms of physical safety. 5G should be no more dangerous than any other wireless technology.

But the introduction of new tech opens up the possibility of it being exploited or avertedly affecting other technologies. What we should be afraid of is misinformation. So do your research and look for reputable sources for information. Just because you heard it online doesn’t mean it’s true and I know how that sounds coming from me.

So what’d you think?  What concerns you most about 5G? How do you think conspiracy theories spread?

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  1. An impressive share! I have just forwarded this onto a coworker who has been doing a little research on this. And he actually ordered me lunch because I discovered it for him… lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending time to discuss this issue here on your site.

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